As we get increasingly embroiled in the mundane routine of our lives, we lose that soothing touch of nature. ‘A day in the Spice Bageecha’ is a gentle reminder for all of us that sustainable living is only possible when we turn towards natural and organic products.

To celebrate organic and natural living, Earth Day Network organised the event ‘A Day in the Spice Bageecha’ at the garden of Lata Bajoria on November 4th, 2017. This event which began two years ago has become the meeting point of city’s earth enthusiasts who want to enjoy an organic lunch, take a stroll through Mrs Bajoria’s herb garden and do their shopping for organic products.

Earth Day Network ensures that everyone who believes in sustainable living gets an opportunity to explore nature at its best and purest form. At the exhibition, guests enjoyed the fresh air with their children, shopped for eco-friendly accessories and groceries and the children simply loved the tree house, petting and feeding the animals and even climbing the rockery.

Post-lunch guests were entertained by a ‘fashion walk’ which promoted sustainable fashion. People from different walks of life came to support the ‘go green cause’. Later in the afternoon, invitees enjoyed their freshly brewed tea infused with herbal goodness and with the setting sun, before heading home, they browsed through some of the delightful creations of fashion and lifestyle accessories present at the show which are simply irresistible. There will be definitely something which will catch your fancy. From natural essential oils to fresh winter delights, from the organic mandi to sustainable jute and khadi products, there was something for everyone to take back as a souvenir.