Sasha brought the best to Kolkata once again, showcasing coveted ceramics by renowned ceramist Lipi Biswas from the 4th to the 14th of August. The gifted artist’s creations donned the shelves of the Sasha Shop, captivating all and instantly garnering appreciation.

The ceramic items blended together utility and aesthetic appeal, ranging from tastefully crafted tea sets to bowls and platters. Little trinkets and sculptures were also seen. The artist’s dedication was evident when it was made known that she painstakingly worked to make her own clay to mold her pieces, and glazing everything by herself. The idea of beauty residing in the unevenness of the creations formed the foundation of these admirable ceramic works. The rustic charm of the delectable tea sets and delicate platters was irresistible.

Each piece is differently made from the other, even when part of a set, making it unique. The magnificent display was delightful, each item radiating the artist’s passion for her craft.