Christmas is a never-ending fascination with its glittering stars, cribs, decorated Christmas trees, and above all, the delicious cakes. Even though it’s still a few days away, the remote preparations have already kicked off. Cake Mixing is one of the most awaited traditional rituals of Christian households or hotels and cafes that marks the onset Christmas season and the arrival of the harvest season.

Apart from the fact that mixing dry fruits ahead of time brings richness to the cake, the ceremony is also a great opportunity for a nice get-together.

Keeping this in mind, Traffic Gastropub located in City Centre 2, just minutes away from Chinar Park, known for its fine music, exceptional food and classy and quirky décor has organized this fun ceremony on 12th of December. Traffic Gastropub has already become a place in which we are in love with.

The 25ft. bar area being the longest in Kolkata gives its customers a feel of both the English pub and a café. The interior of the pub cum cafe has been inspired by street, cars and the pandemonium that engulfs people while traveling on the road, the ambiance reflects the world of traffic at large.

The cake mixing ceremony took place with ingredients like Red Cherries, Yellow Cherries, Morabba, Broken Cashew, Dry Raisins, Red Wine, White Wine, Captain Morgan and last but not the least Green Tooty-frooty. The ceremony was not only fun to attend but also a great and new experience for all.