The Burlap People X Sienna exhibition that took place on the 11th and 12th of February in Sienna Café, Hindustan Park Road, was an event every bit worth the buzz it generated. The product of this delightful collaboration of The Burlap People with the Sienna Store was simply marvelous, showcasing a wide variety of several accessories and clothing items made simply of burlap while looking like the apex of current fashion. The chief attention stealing items were the gorgeous collection of bags that were on display. Crafted completely from burlap, they were of several varieties, from backpacks to handbags and even duffle bags, each exquisitely patterned and irresistibly attractive. Available in all forms and sizes and designs, a riot of colors, they were sure to win the hearts of all.

Aside from the enticing collection of bags, there were other items such as brilliantly colored printed scarves and cloths. The clothes on show were edgy and trendy, very indie in nature, absolutely in with the times. Ties, hair accessories and jewelry (in both burlap and metal) were tastefully created.

The products catered to a large audience due to its range. The café adjoining the store is an added impetus for all visitors, steeped in scrumptious treats. It is imperative that all fashion enthusiasts visit, as Sienna eagerly waits to be checked out!

Address: 49/1, Hindustan Park, Kolkata. Ph: 033 40658123