Located in the convenient stretch of both in Hazra and Salt Lake, Bon Appetit, acozy little café came into existence ten years ago with only one motto in mind, to create aperfect hangout zone that can serve comforting hearty meals that are affordable for everyone.

It has become an all-time favorite bistro among the populace of all age groups. And they alsomake sure to keep their guests content by introducing something new every now andthen. Hence to spread some warmth in the winter & to celebrate the happy indulging spirit ofthis festive season they have introduced the Egg Fest for an Eggs-O-Tique Eggs Perience.

The Egg Fest menu comprises of some unique and sumptuous egg dishes that we all would loveto indulge in! They have Egg Ribbon Salad, Egg Parantha, SiachinOmelette, Baked Deviled Eggs,Herb Tossed Eggs and many more unique egg dishes which can undoubtedly treat your tastebuds and make you go ho hoho with some eggs this year!

What: Eggs-O-Tique Eggs Perience
Address: Bon Appetit, 109/26, Hazra Road, Hazra, Kolkata – 700026; AD-34, AD Block, Sector 1, Bidhannagar, Kolkata - 700064
Tenure: 20th December 2019 - 20th January 2020
Timing of Bon Appetit: 9 AM - 8.30 PM
Price Range of "Eggs-O-Tique Eggs Perience": From Rs. 90/- to Rs. 190/- (+ taxes)