After spending a hectic day in office, all we crave is a good Netflix show to watch and delectable foodto savor in the coziest corner of our house. Going to a restaurant often becomes frantic work forus. Crossing the bustling roads and traffic jams, driving through the Calcutta roads, to say the least.But with the help of up-gradation of the technology, ordering your favorite food at your doorstep hasbecome possible.

Everyone knows Kolkatans love for its mouth-watering biryani that contains aloo. A plate full ofaromatic biryani can do wonders for us. And what could be better if a place offers to deliver yourfavorite biryani at your doorstep at an affordable price! Yes, the new cloud kitchen, Biryan-Flavour ofNawabs is all set to win the hearts of the people of Kolkata with their aromatic and flavorsome biryani.

Their menu includes 6 types of biryanis starting from Rozana Aloo biryani for the ones who like to pairthe golden rice only with the tender golden aloo of the biryani, RozanaAnda Biryani for the healthfreaks to maintain the perfect diet with rice, aloo and one egg, Nawab-e-Murgh Biryani that containsaloo, one piece of chicken and egg to give your taste buds a perfect blend of the Kolkata style biryani,

Nawab-e-Gosht biryani for the mutton lovers that comes with an aloo, an egg, and one tender muttonpiece to give your taste buds an ecstatic feel. They also have introduced two special Biryanis for thefoodies of Kolkata namely Badshah-e-Murgh Biryani and Badshah-e-Gosht biryani, a delicacy whichwas a specialty in the kitchens of Shahs and Nawabs. These two specially curated biryanis come withtwo pieces of meat seasoned with the special spices from the kitchen of Biryan.

In the word of Shivam Jain, the founder of Biryan, "I always wanted to start a cloud kitchen than adine-in restaurant because I completely understand that nowadays people prefer to sit in the comfortof their homes and savor their favorite food rather than going out because traveling eats up a lot oftime and energy. I knew the food we serve had to be biryani asI am a huge fan of Kolkata Biryani. We have kept the biryani as healthy as possible yet keeping itflavorful so that the Biryani lovers can order frequently not having to think about excessive calorieconsumption. Also, we have introduced two special biryanis which have a special twist of Nawabispices.”

What: Biryan - Flavor of Nawabs
Where: Kalighat
Timing: 12 Noon - 2 AM
Price range of the Biryanis: Rs.75/- to Rs. 280/- +taxes