Classic. Timeless. A cut above. In Calcutta, over an elegant evening at The Park, (hosted by Karan Paul and his wife Indrani Dasgupta) and in the presence of the city's glitterati, International Designer Bibhu Mohapatra’s debut jewelry line with the Forevermark, the extension of the Artemis Collection took on a brilliant sparkle.

You could call it a constellation of elements that sparked it all off − with Bibhu, the designer, meeting the diamond expert − Forevermark India President Sachin Jain, and Calcutta’s creative Sawansukha Jewellers, helmed by the proactive Siddharthaa Sawansukha coming in as the marketing arm to offer the range exclusively through their stores to their discerning clientele.

What is this jewelry all about? Interstellar is the key word, and the collection plays with three key motifs—the sun, moon and stars which cosmically glow and grow in stature through the designer earrings, rings, bracelets, pendants and brooches. And wait, a central Forevermark diamond emerges as the definitive, cosmic element in each design. The extension intricately mixes yellow and white gold to create a classic style statement.

Bibhu Mohapatra, despite being in the limelight and flying high in his achievements, is grounded in his attitude. At the launch evening, he was ever ready to give people a hearing, to share his enthusiasm, to expand on his concepts. Pointing to an exquisitely- crafted bracelet, he spoke to us of its classic approach, but its modern execution, and how you could wear it just as easily with a pair of jeans, as you would with a traditional outfit, Indian or western. Seen sporting his earrings was Indrani Dasgupta, her high cheekbones setting off the trendy yet classically perfect danglers.

Three models sashayed in wearing Bibhu’s svelte clothes, in red, black and white, teaming the different kinds of earrings that this New York based designer has newly created. A stunning display.

Bibhu feels that “diamonds have remained mystical, empowering and tell stories of their own. It has been an enriching experience to work with Forevermark and channel the DNA of my style with beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced diamonds. I’m happy to announce the extension of the Artemis™ Collection that will debut exclusively at Sawansukha Jewellers in Kolkata. The line is inspired by ancient Vedic rites, retains inner balance and outer strength.”

And the Forevermark imprint on all this? “Forevermark diamonds are amongst the rarest and have been formed over millions of years. Less than one percent of the world’s diamonds are eligible to carry the Forevermark inscription. These diamonds are said to be as old as the sun, moon and stars, so this collection has a powerful story to tell,” says Sachin Jain.  While Siddharthaa Swansukha has his romantic take on it all, claiming that “every piece of jewelry tells a story of love, passion and emotions that forms the core of a woman’s life. We at Sawansukha believe in capturing those emotions by having collections and designs at our store that are beyond best for the most discerning customer.”

Going beyond the four C’s, is the assurance of the diamonds being “responsibly sourced”. Also, another unique feature: an individual identification number inscribed on each Forevermark diamond − just 1/5000th the width of a human hair. The inscriptions use bespoke technology from The De Beers Group of Companies.

So, go have a dekko at all that glitters. As the extension of the Artemis™ collection comprises of 44 pieces and will be available exclusively at Sawansukha Jewellers, at their Camac Street showroom.

We also look forward to Bibh Mohapatra doing his bit for reviving Odisha ikats from three special districts of his home state. Dressing up Michelle Obama is now a well discussed fact, as is another notable client, Lupita Nyong’o (the Oscar-winning Mexican-Kenyan actress of “12 Years a Slave” fame).