With the Puja, Diwali and Festive Shopping Seasons in full swing, there is always a dilemma as to what to get for your loved ones, relatives and friends. What is appropriate for a birthday, engagement, wedding, or anniversary gift? Decisions, decision, decisions!

World of Titan’s Park Street Store in association with Window on Travel and Digital Brandz as its social media partners, organized a Meet and Greet with the city’s top lifestyle bloggers and a number of its leading social influencer including specialists in medicine, dentistry, corporate communications, fashion designing, music, teaching and psychology.

Tehnaz Dastoor n Tanuja Chowdhury, and Astha Modi

Astha Modi (Ms. Blabbercat.com) and Tehnaz Dastoor (Window on Travel; wotweb.com) took the lead for the evening making the guests feel comfortable in the store, shepherding them to the sections of watches and styles suitable for each visitor.

Rishav, Pushpak Sen, Sayan Bakshi

Blogger Pushpak (thebongmunda) came stylishly prepared with his signature hat and large Gandhi-ish glasses, trying on numerous watch styles for different occasions. Other male bloggers Sayan (the orange epistles) and Rishav (rishavandhow) matched their favorite styles with their linen shirts.

Debasri Deb, Lisha Jain, Srishti Nadhani

However, the ladies stole the show! Astha herself wore a lovely long dress from madasasa and Lisha sported a red maxi which accentuated the watches beautifully. Debasri (debasrideb.com), Luna Chatterjee, Anusreea, Nikita (of pentwisters fame) and iconoclastic blogger Srishti Nadhani tore the place apart by wearing their styles on their wrists for the evening.

Shubika Singh, Rajlakshmi Ghosh and Anusreea Paul Mukherjee

Social influencers too glammed up the store with ever-popular child psychologist Shubhika Singh, much-in-demand dentist Dr. Shilpi Malhotra, pre-school proprietor Pooja Dugar, fashionistas and entrepreneur  Rajlakshmi, business head Tanuja, fashion designer Sabiya Sinha Roy, and Corporate Communications Head and Luxury Brand Aficianado Mahul Brahma all had a field day with the various brands. Finally, multi-talented doctors-cum-bloggers Kinkinee Ghosh and Shabba Hakim rounded off the very elite influencers for the event.

Pooja Dugar, Kinkinee Ghosh and Shabba Hakim

The fun-filled interactive evening began with the bloggers and social influencers meeting with each other, buzzing around the store in anticipation of finding the ‘perfect’ watch for themselves, and were delighted when they discovered numerous styles and designers to choose from.

Mahul Brahma and Sabiya Sinha Roy

The store has watches from a number of top Swiss brands such as Tag Heuer, Frederique Constant and Raymond Weil. There were minimalistic styles for the understated such as Skagen and Movado, trendsetters like Fossil and French Connection and High Fashion such as Emporio Armani, Guess and GC and Versace, Ferrari, Swarovski, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, DKNY, Citizen, Anne Klein, Diesel and more.

Luna Chatterjee and Nikita Agarwal

Everyone chose a number of watches which they loved and wore for the shoot. In fact, some even purchased watches for themselves before the evening was over! Watches were chosen to match outfits, moods, needs and special occasions. Others chose watches which they wanted to gift to their loved ones, and watches for the upcoming festive season.

The guests exchanged business cards and chatted with each other about their professions. Snacks and drinks were served to all and before they left, each guest returned with a specialized gift courtesy of Titan.