Om Thursday 9th July 2020, Austin Plywood launched its program in support of its extended family of dealers, architects, contractors, and employees to ensure their health and well-being especially during these COVID times.

MrNishant Agarwal, the Director of Austin Plywood on the other hand has always added a high energy and passion to the brand and has taken forward the trust of Austin Plywood. “We have always believed Austin to be one big family and taking care of our family is as important as working hard towards building it. This program is one such initiative where we want to ensure a happy and healthy family.”

Photo Credits: Tericom organizers - Ritusmita Biswas and Tehnaz Dastoor
Photo Credits: Moderator - Tehnaz Dastoor

The event was organized by Tericom and was moderated ably by Dr. Tehnaz Dastoor.

A Press Conference with eminent nutritionists, physical trainers as well as a yoga exponent took place at The Conclave.

The panel of speakers included MsHenaNafis, one of the renowned health and nutrition consultants in Eastern India, MrNeerajSurana who is the Operations Director of one of the leading chain of fitness brand, Rush Fitness Club and is also a fitness trainer and consultant as well as MrYash Agarwal, a certified trainer and fitness expert from K11 Academy of Fitness and Science spoke about the importance of physical fitness, especially during these difficult times. MsShikha Agarwal, a well-known nutritionist, health, wellness, and weight management consultant also stressed the importance of a well-balanced diet and Sneha Ghosh an expert proponent and trainer in yoga highlighted the need for mind and body fitness during this time.

Photo Credits: Neeraj Surana
Photo Credits: Hena Nafis

While Neeraj Surana believes “Whether you are a common man or a fitness enthusiast, each one of us should be resilient to injuries and be strong in all planes of movement and develop the ability to boost our immunity through proper physical activities and diet.”

HenaNafis on the other hand, suggested a quick remedy to prepare easy to make work lunches which are equally nutritious as well as healthy. “Cut down on sugar and processed food. Include one-pot meals like moong dal khichdi, vegetable pulao, or a bowl of fruits with yogurt.”

Photo Credits: Yash Agarwal
Photo Credits: Sneha Ghosh

“Losing weight does not mean you are healthy. No matter how busy your schedule is, you need to find time to work out at least thrice a week. If you are in a desk job, get up every 30 mins and take a walk around. Curb your intake of sweets and desserts, even if you are in love with them.” Yash Agarwal of Yash Fitness advised.

Sneha Ghosh on the other hand, believes mental wellness is as important as physical health. “Emphasize on the deeper relationship that one has to be built between the mind and the body through Yoga. Bring awareness, attention, and understanding of your nerves, your sensitivities and your pace by doing yoga” is what she advised.

Photo Credits: Shikha Agarwal
Photo Credits: Luna Chatterjee
Photo Credits: Rukshana Kapadia

Ms. Shikha Agarwal on the other hand shared some amazing tips to choose a healthier lifestyle, even during these difficult times. “Stick to a balanced diet and avoid packaged food and increase your Vitamin C intake in order to boost immunity and stay healthy and strong.”

Some of the city’s prominent food bloggers and influencers were also present to interact with the panelists and get their views on special nutritional tips recommended during these COVID times.

Through this wonderful and inspiring program, Austin Plywood aims to spread a message of health and wellness and ensure a healthy lifestyle for the entire Austin family.