On 33A Jatin Das Road stands Ganges Art Gallery, which has now branched out further and tapped into the sphere of fashion to maximize its offerings to an elated public. The first floor now holds within it Ganges Fashion, comprising their personally produced merchandise, namely the Ganges Collection, as well as an array of other options from various sources.

The store’s uniqueness lies in the sheer variety of the products available for purchase. According to the associates in the store, the place stands out because there’s a bit of everything that they can offer to their customers. The extensive selections of clothing, purses, footwear, home décor, essential oils, personalized stationery as well as art merchandise proves them true to their word.

Ganges outsources several of their intriguing products from budding artisans and designers who want their voice to be heard and creations beheld, giving them an excellent stepping stone into pursuing their passion.

The wide range of the store’s wares include pure linen weavings from Shantipur artisans, cushions and genuine pashminas from Kashmir, variegated footwear from certain designers, and fashionable clothing along with exquisite jewelry from craftsmen in Jaipur. The clothing style fuses ethnic and western wear to form a tastefully trendy combination. Ganges’ own brand offers merchandised embossed with the works of the artists they showcase in the gallery that is now on the top floor. These articles include interesting clothing and eye-catching stationery, forming perfect gifting possibilities for all kinds of people.

All items in the store, whether outsourced or ingeniously created, are inspired by works of art, adding a richness to them.  To top it all, every product is very reasonably priced to allow everyone to partake in the exalting experience of appreciating art.