Kolkata in winter is the best time in our heritage city with events happening all over. January brought forward the most awaited Art festival. It was just for a day so there was no way one would miss it.

It was evening time when I reached Hindustan Road. As I entered the lane I was taken by surprise and got lost walking down the very crowded lane. Throughout the evening the number of people increased and the festive mood took over. No art lovers could resist being present at the biggest and popular art festival in town.

The event was organized by Art Rickshaw which believes that being creative is not a hobby but a way of life.

As I walked down the lane I was like all those around me, captivated by the magical ambience of the festival discovering things to do at the arts corner or writing on the wall and scroll. The queue in front of the Kolkata Gully stall was so long but was worth the wait as it took me back to the heritage places in the city.

While there I was so absorbed in the activities, sounds and sights that I almost forgot the time. When tired or hungry there were several food stalls that served unique dishes and drinks to add to the festivities. I had some excellent chocolates and packed sweets for home. There were people around me balancing artwork pottery or their names written in Urdu while munching their favorites while the children refused to leave the art stall where they were busy painting or making pots.

The best part of the festival was that there was something for everyone to do. Stopping by at all the stalls I took a short break watching the performance right in front of the Art Rickshaw office where a stage had been put up. There were different performances from dance, music, discussions around art. No one wanted to leave the street and hung around in groups even after the daylong event got over. The fact that it was only for a day was what made every minute very special.

For Art Rickshaw “Much as a child should be allowed to express his creativity, so should an artist be free to create and express his thoughts through his art. Art Rickshaw provides you with that SPACE to develop your unique personal style on your own pace”

When I exited the gate made at the end of the road I sure felt very different and knew that it would be just one more year to wait for the art festival to be here again. It sure was a wait worth waiting for.