The food of Jamshedpur is an amalgamation of different cuisines. The primary reason behind this is the population of Jamshedpur which is extremely diverse. To satisfy the eating habits of a diverse population, you will find a number of interesting restaurants and cafes in Jamshedpur. Let us look at some of the cafes which are known as the top hang out places in the city.

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Café Regal - When it comes to a heritage spot/café in Jamshedpur which has witnessed many a change, Café Regal comes first in the list. Buying surplus steel grinders meant for Howrah Bridge, Khursheed Bharucha built a colonial mansion in pre-fabricated fashion in 1935. Previously it served as a Parsi lodge and now the great grandson of Bharucha, Varun Gazder renovated the common dining room into Café Regal. When you are up for authentic Parsi cuisine, this is the place where you should be.

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The Pitstop Café - If there is one thing that you will love about Pit Stop Café other than its food, it has to be the hand-built interiors. It is a beautiful place to hang out, and if you have a sweet tooth, you will have options galore. A local favorite is the choco-chip muffin at Pit Stop Café.

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Social 75 - What is there not to love about Social 75? It has a live mocktail counter and the number of delicacies include Mexican, Indian, Continental and Chinese food items. Of course, you cannot miss their cheese fondue which is a classic accompaniment to your favourite bread.

Photo Credits: bakery
Photo Credits: bakery

Brubeck Bakery - When you have a sweet tooth, it is hard to ignore the call of Brubeck Bakery which is famous for freshly-baked breads, pastries and desserts. And if you have a birthday in the family, you can order cakes of your favourite flavours. You can go for the butter cream cake, 3D fondant cake and edible photo cakes. The smell of the freshly-based products will definitely tantalize your senses.

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La Gravitea - La Gravitea attempts to defy all stereotypes, so when you are welcomed by the jubilant smile of one of the attendants, chances are that she might one of the deaf and mute young woman employed at the café. And the best part is employees like Guruveer Kaur and Suggi are winners of gold medalist and a national athlete who has won several accolades. This quaint tea lounge serves 105 types of tea from around the world.

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