Losing those extra pounds and sticking to a healthy diet is a resolution none of usmanage to keep. Let’s make 2020, a year that is different by sticking to a healthyroutine. We were in conversation with city-based fitness trainer Yash Agarwal andDietician and owner of Health Junction, Dr. MayankaSinghal who gave us somequick tips which might help you stick to your resolution in 2020.

Fitness Tips by Yash Agarwal

-Working out regularly is something you need to stick to - If you are in desk job, get up every 30mins and take a walk around. Neckexercises, back exercises and leg exercises are of utmost importance for a healthyliving -Curb your intake of sweets and desserts, even if you are in love with them. - Losing weight does not mean you are healthy. Seek professional health tounderstand your body type & metabolism and then decide your fitness routine. -No matter how busy your schedule is, you need to find time to work out at leastthrice a week. -Working out does not always mean, pumping iron. Seek professional help tochart your customized workout programs.

City based K11 qualified fitness trainer, Yash Agarwal offers you an amazing 15Kpackage to help you stick to your resolutions and fulfill your targets. He specializesin adding an extra edge to your workout regime by customizing every workoutdepending on your fitness level and specific goals. He implements various toolsand techniques, with which he tries to be creative with every workout plan toensure that no two techniques are similar and hence they are not boring, unlikeother fitness program.

While Yash Fitness suggests workout for a healthy 2020, Dr. MayankaSinghal ofHealth Junction says that only working out is never enough, if your diet is nothealthy. She is a city-based dietician who believes in healthy lifestyle rather thanjust focusing on losing weight or gaining some.

Health Tips by Health Junction

- Even though party season is on its full flair, switching alcohol and aeratedbeverages with fresh juice is always a great option. - Christmas cakes might seem very tempting but try to limit the portion size. - Seasonal fruits is the key. Add loads of seasonal fruits to your diet to stayhealthy. - Have a bowl of soup, before leaving for any party. This will fill you up, and stopyou from having junk food at the parties - Don’t forget to walk or work-out every day to stay fit. -Never, ever skip meals. It will never help you reduce weight or stay fit -Losing weight does not really mean you are healthy. -If you are charting your diet, remember, Google doesn’t know your body type ormetabolism rate. Seek professional advice.

Just as we gear up to welcome 2020, let’s make health our priority and switch to ahealthy lifestyle