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Weavers Studio – A Brand With A Conscience


We believe in style with integrity, be it classic line or casual chic, formal cuts or fusion slits, we create clothes where every piece has a story to tell. Gallons of saved water, units of saved energy, families of artisans supported, number of weavers employed and much more! We look at the ancient techniques for answers to create beautiful clothing while minimizing our environmental impact and multiplying skilled employment.

Employing and Empowering

For the past 22 years, Slow and Sustainable Fashion has been the mantra for Weavers Studio.  Our motto of "Use as many hands as possible”, makes sure that the rich craft of handloom textiles is made without emissions while generating fair employment. We strive to do this by reviving India's rich heritage in craftsmanship. We are continuously working towards associating with different craftspersons, weavers and training and employing the women staff, as we believe in empowering the resource and not just employing them.

Reviving the Cultural Indian Textile

Reinvigorating and setting up hand-block printing, handloom, hand-embroidery and other techniques, our focus has been to produce authentic, intricate and beautiful Indian textiles. We are channeling our efforts towards handcrafted, sustainable, ethical, eco-friendly, fashionable textiles made using various local and international ancient techniques to reduce our carbon footprint and emissions.

Our take on Conscious Commerce

Our weaving unit is set up with traditional looms. Natural yarns are hand-spun, hand-reeled, hand- woven into high quality contemporary textiles using techniques such as jamdani, warp printing, inlay, double cloth and more. We use only natural and AZO free dyes. Weavers Studio has received green category from the Pollution Department. We follow the indigenous technique that not only is environment-friendly but also helps in the development of skilled manpower thereby increasing employment opportunities. We do not use any machinery in the factory thereby focusing on encouraging craftsmanship. Keeping in mind the importance of every single drop of water – we have a water recycling plant established, that recycles and reuses the water discharged from the factory, hence contributing our bit to the environment.

At the end – it’s the story that a Brand tells

At Weavers Studio it’s not just about creating fashion, it’s about building a conscious brand that not just serves a section of society, but helps it as a whole. We stand by our firm belief that fashion is not about quantity but about quality – which one can cherish throughout their life.

Address: 5/1Anil Moitra Road, Ballygubge Place, Kolkata – 700019. Hours: 10 am – 6:30 pm. Ph: 033-2440-8926.