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Visit to the Disney’s Hollywood Studios: A Memory Worth Retaining!

Abhishek Kar

It is not every day that you experience something unique in life. But there are certain moments that leave you absolutely spell bound. You feel as if an out-of- this-world experience has swept you off your feet. Well this was one such day! We were thousands of miles away from home, in Orlando, Florida, and were having an awesome time there. We had witnessed ‘magic’ in the Magic Kingdom, taken interesting rides, sat next to ‘ghosts’ and so on. Frankly speaking, I thought that we had seen it all, but then came the Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

At first I, like scores of tourists, thought that it would be just another nice and fun-filled theme Park. But wasn’t I WRONG! This Park is definitely different, not packed with too much attractions and rides as its more famous counterpart the Magic Kingdom is. Nor are there too many tiny tots around because this one is for older tourists, who will be able to admire the elegant shows, understand and appreciate the subtle humor and also enjoy some hair-raising thrill rides.

DISNEY’S HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS! As soon as you step in forget everything and become a READER first. It’s essential to go through the guide map to mark the places you would want to visit. There’s a lot to choose from, believe me. I strolled down the Hollywood Boulevard and then moved on to Washington Square via the New York Street. It’s undoubtedly an exciting experience for even wandering aimlessly in this Park has its perks − one can get totally soaked in the ambience here. But, after getting the feel of the atmosphere, it’s best to go for the shows one by one. Or else, why are you here!

First, Indiana Jones! A sheer adrenaline rush awaits every tourist opting for this show as several of the stunts from Indiana Jones movies get re-enacted on stage. What a spread- Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark, fist fights, explosions in trucks, jeeps, as well as in an airplane on the runway and more. We saw huge boulders rolling down to crush the hero and applauded his death-defying jumps. I gaped open-mouthed when I saw on stage the rotating propeller of a plane slicing a man to pieces and his tattered clothes flying all over. But before the screams from all around could die down, the man appeared unhurt, fully clothed, beaming and waving. The sheer excitement of the show grips one and all and it’s so real that I saw a few children covering their eyes at times with both their hands. That’s Indiana Jones for you!!

From action to romance − the magic of Beauty and the Beast awaits any visitor coming to this Park. Performed at the Theater of the Stars located on the Sunset Boulevard, this is indeed a beautiful show. Set in a majestic environment, this musical charms not just female spectators but also men, with its stage craft, elegance and high-level performance.

There is so much to see but one definitely is in the need of a bite after a while. No problem.  Eateries and restaurants stay ready to take care of the tourists’ stomachs. But eat fast, as the tour of this eight-most-visited theme Parks of the world is far from over. How can somebody visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios and give Star Wars a miss? Since one cannot and should not, the thrilling 3D motion simulator ride set in the Star Wars Universe called Star Tours is a must for all. The bonus here is the chance to meet one’s favorite stars like Chewbacca and Darth Vader.

Excitement to Music – go for the famous “Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster” of the Park, featuring Aerosmith. This ‘indoor darkened’ speed marvel, having 3 inversions and a high speed launch accelerates from 0 – 57 miles per hour in just 2.8 seconds. This really is not for people with cardiac problems or backaches because here we, the riders, face 4.5 G (which by the way is more than what an astronaut faces during a space shuttle launch)! What an experience! I just could not help shouting my heart out although one of my most-loved Aerosmith songs, “Dude (Looks Like a Lady)”, was pouring in from the numerous speakers placed carefully within the ride car. And, I must tell you, I was not the only one screaming during this ride! I cannot but add that it was my mom who insisted that we go for the ride once again and we did!!

After walking out of this roller coaster ride alive but a little shaken, we moved on to have a taste of the famous ‘Twilight Zone-Tower of Terror’ situated nearby. But the shrieks coming from this elevator-based thrill ride weren’t very encouraging and like quite a few sightseers we decided to give it a miss.

I was kind of feeling quite miserable, as we were to leave Orlando and return to Baton Rouge the following day. Who would want to leave such an exciting place? But all fine things have to come to an end and we too had to leave. Feeling really sad, my head lowered, I walked out of the main gate to proceed towards the parking lot along with my mother and our friends. Just then I halted for a second and turned back to catch one last glimpse of the Park. Only a moment, but long enough to take an indelible print on the memory card that I carried in my heart.