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Tie Kolkata’s Women Entrepreneurship Group Event a Rocking Success


The Women’s Entrepreneurship Group (of Tie Kolkata) organized an event on Branding: Challenges and Solutions in the 21st Century at the Urbana Club House on 9th April 2018. And the House Rocked!

The event was centered around engaging the city’s women entrepreneurs to come and join in TiE’s success stories, its mentoring programs, its networking thrust and be part of its global reach.

There were about a dozen tables booked by women entrepreneurs showcasing their wares which ranged from marble flooring, to furniture, household items, jewelry, clothing and tourism too.

The Women’s Entrepreneurship Group wanted to launch its premier event by not only have a discussion on Branding but by helping other women network and showcase their products, and by giving them an opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs, share their experiences and become part of this network.

Following a little retail therapy and armed with their tea, coffee and snacks the audience eagerly awaited the main event.

Mr. Chandradeep Mitra took the stage on behalf of TiE Kolkata and explained the organizations journey and the advantages of being a member. Dr. Tehnaz Dastoor, as Chairperson of the Group expressed her vote of thanks to the organizers and special sponsors of the event. Once all the speakers were on the stage, she then began the panel discussions on Branding.

Mrs. Rita Bhimani spoke eloquently about public relations mentioning a number of media blitzes such as the Virgin and Cadbury’s campaigns. She cleverly wove a story around the theme of public relations and involved the audience interactively in her interesting discussion. Rita was followed by Mr. Siddhartha Sahni from Genesis who engaged the audience with anecdotal experience on the re-shaping of advertising through the ages.

Ms. Ritusmita Biswas took up the mantle and spoke directly to the audience about the close engagement and real time involvement of social media in the 21st century.

However, the star of the show was Mr. Sagar Daryani who spoke from the heart, enthralling the audience with his story of conceptualizing and building up his brand, of his personal involvement with everything in his company, his CSR work and promoting the WoW (World of Women) factor in his momos!

The audience members asked then asked a number of interesting questions to the panelists on the best strategies of building their businesses. The evening concluded with off-line discussions with the speakers, a high tea courtesy of Urbana, Wow! Momo and Chai Break.

The event was compered by the lovely Pooja Duggar, moderated by Dr. Tehnaz Dastoor and organized by the TiE Women’s Entrepreneurship Group Committee Members.

All kudos to Ms. Ritusmita Biswas (Digital Brandz) who helped to pull the event together in such a smooth manner.

Special mention and thanks must be made of Mr Rupinder Singh’s assistance in putting together this event and Ms. Debjani Mukherjee who generously provided TiE with the Urbana Club House, all the event logistics as well as the High Tea.

This was one of many innovative events which will be undertaken by the TiE ladies throughout this year.