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Taking A Break To The Maithon Dam

Piu Sur

Monsoon sky and the road ahead. This was the right time to take a short break from Kolkata and drive off. As we sped along the highway and crossed Asansol we saw open cast mines on the side of the road. They sure looked amazing set against the blue sky. We halted for a while to look at the black hillock. From the divider on the six lane highway a few women collecting coal for their livelihood called us and wanted me to take their photographs. So I did as the women laughed and posed. After a fun short break we sped along and took a right turn towards the Maithon Dam.

This dam in Jharkhand was specially made to control the flooding in the area and produced enough electricity to provide for the entire state. There is an underground power station here which is not for visitors. It is very unique and the first of its kind in South Asia. The beauty of the place is in the way the Barakar River flows through the small hills making this an ideal tourist spot to enjoy the scenic beauty.

Before we entered the road leading to the Maithon Dam, we stopped at another very ancient and renowned temple, steeped in mythology called the Kalayneswari mandir. A stream flowed by besides the temple where you could watch the waters gurgle by.

Photo Credit: Telegraph India

We then drove along the very green and winding road and reached the Maithon River. The breath taking of the dam was a delight. There was a forest guest house right on top of one of the hillocks but we decided to go boating instead. The boating enclave was very well organised and we chose a rowing boat to enjoy the natural beauty all around. We wished this went on forever but time was limited and we had to get off after an hour.

Sighting adventure ahead we took the ropeway to a nearby hillock and enjoyed a cup of hot tea along with chaat and rolls at a nearby restaurant. More than the food, watching the sunset and enjoying the beauty with friends was a moment to cherish. This was a break from the hustle and bustle of our city life.

As we drove over the dam in the last fading light of the setting sun we left behind this beautiful natural habitat. What we enjoyed was something very personal and must be experienced to be understood.

Picture Credit: Banner Left – You Tube; Banner Center – WotsHot Delhi NCR; Banner Left – India Mike