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“Sushi Unrolled” – At The Trendy Asian Gastro Bar, The Fatty Bao

Gayatri Kohli

The Fatty Bao, Kolkata can be considered to be a paradise for Passionate Foodies like myself who enjoy cool exotic cocktails along with Asian nibbles like sushi, bao and dim sums. The Fatty Bao offers a chic, laid-back vibe with an amazing cocktail and cuisine offering that draws inspiration from Asia’s vast culinary history.

“Sushi Unrolled” at The Fatty Bao celebrates this very creative display of sushi and showcases the unrolled sushi in different forms and shapes - from a taco to a pizza to a sandwich and a pita pocket. This concept motivates a sushi lover like me to stop by to try their Sushi Unrolled promotion of 14 different kinds of sushi presented with innovative design and flavor combinations.

We started with the Passion Mule cocktail served in a bottle along with amazing candied ginger.  We were then served a slice of sushi pizza which was extremely innovative.  Pizza Sushi is the sushi unrolled with a sushi rice pizza base covered with Panko. We tried the Tuna Pizza Sushi with yuzu marinated thin slices of tuna, jalapeño, cream cheese mayo, tobiko, fried capers and mustard cress.

I loved the Sandwich Sushi too, where the sushi mat was replaced by a banana leaf.  We tried the Rainbow Spin Sandwich Sushi with marinated slices of vegetables with sriracha and tomato caviar.  The Pita Pocket Sushi or Inari sushi was also very creative. This was sushi rice wrapped in seasoned, deep fried tofu pockets. We tried the vegetarian Pita Pocket Sushi with miso lotus root, smoked spicy tofu, cucumber and sweet potato crisps.  My favorite was the Liberal Tobimayo Pita Pocket Sushi with crab meat, tobiko mayo, chives, shallots, bonito flakes, avocado, crispy gari and prawn crackers –just awesome!

The Sushi in the form of a Taco was a completely new form that surprised me. The taco shell was made of batter coated fried crispy sea weed (Nori).  The cross-bred Spicy Salmon Taco Sushi with Sriracha mayo, spicy salmon, yuzu salsa, tobiko and avocado was delicious!   We also really enjoyed the Spicy Tempura Fried Prawns Hosamaki roll – covered with a layer of baby prawn dipped in mayo.

A must try was the Zen Forest dessert which was the perfect ending for a delectable meal!  This was a yuzu parfait with a black sesame sponge served with a beetroot sorbet decorated with chocolate twigs.  I do recommend The Fatty Bao for an incredible innovative culinary experience.

Gayatri Kohli – Food Critic/International Food Consultant.  Educated at Le Cordon Bleu Paris and West Lake Culinary Institute in California to specialize in International Cuisines.  With 25 years in the Food Science & Restaurant Industry. Website – gayatrikohli.com.