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SteppinOutMovie Nights


The Christmas Edition of SteppinOutMovie Nights is to be held at The Stadel, a boutique hotel in Salt Lake, where the verdant lawns will be the ideal venue for taking outdoor movie screenings to another level. A mildly nippy December evening will be the welcome setting for soft grass, comfortable bean bags, plenty of interesting pocket-friendly munchies and a complete bar, where the movie will be projected on a giant screen. The ideal relaxing Sunday experience for people of all ages. In fact, children below 10 can go in free.

The event is curated by SKY Productions. The choice of the movie was decided via an online poll on Facebook.

The venue is the Victoria Lawns at The Stadel, on Sunday 17th December. The movie: an all-time favorite—Home Alone.

The screening is done in major cities pan India. Tickets available at BookMyShow.com