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Starting My Day Differently at The German Bakery, Pune

Piu Sur

Mid air, midnight on my flight to Pune I made a quick decision. As usual, when there, I would start my day with breakfast at the German Bakery. Since I was on a rush trip to Pune, I would get just a few hours to spend there. Just before the flight took off I called my friends in Pune and we all decided, that just like old times, we would meet at the German Bakery for our morning adda. The thought was as refreshing as early morning coffee.

While in flight, I reminisced about the good old days when while studying at the Pune, Film and Television Institute (FTI), we would spend hours here talking about a myriad of different subjects. The connection stayed thanks to the German Bakery even after ten years or more. So when I touched down the first thing I did was to Uber myself to the café. The place was not yet open and I paced up and down like an anxious child. They are open from 7.45 am right up to 11.45 pm.

They always recommend booking a table but today I went without reservations.  The German Bakery is a café which serves both German and Italian food and their specialties are their bakery products, which, if you try them once, will ensure that you keep coming back for more.  It is also cost-friendly and an average choice would cost about Rs 600 or so. In the earlier days with friends around I remembered the crazy times when we ordered a Barbeque Chicken Pizza and polished it off in no time and then passed the hat around the group to collect enough money to pay our bill. Those were special times when we heatedly discussed and debated over the quality of films and their filmmakers.

The service at the bakery is very prompt and the folks out there are very courteous and hanging around endlessly was just a usual done thing. That is because the place is very cozy (with outdoor seating too) and the decor is inviting. With the beautiful weather in Pune sitting outdoors with a Mango Cheese Cake reading a book is an ideal way to spend your time. Located in Koregaon Park, it is an easy location to reach especially during the early morning hours. It was just not me but there were others too who had come for breakfast.  Waiting for my friends, I was enjoying every moment and chose to sit in my favorite spot. Along with Irish Coffee I ordered for Chocolate Lamington which had grated coconut with semi-solid chocolate and a Jerk Chicken Salad.

When my friends finally arrived, I was stuffed but still could not resist taking a bite out of their Spanish Omelette and German Sausage Omelettes which were served with two slices of Toast and Baked Potato. The Spanish Omelette tasted really good stuffed with olives and cheese and the German Sausage Omelette made with pork sausages had a special smoky flavor which enticed me into eating more than my usual breakfast standard. (It would have my family members at home happy because I am usually in a rush in the mornings, trying to skip breakfast or running along with only a crispy toast).  The German Bakery was different and made you a foodie taking keen interest in their wide range of choices. I wish I could order their Red Velvet Cake and those sweet Bun Maska with a white butter spread inside but by now I had space for nothing more.

My friends had to leave for work and I too had a lot to complete at hand. With a love for the place I decided to pack a small snack of Fish and Chips for myself and bought some Almond Biscotti, Countryside Cookies, Ye Old Apple Pie and a Lemon Cake to enjoy with those at home. That was all the shopping I could do while in Pune for just a day. As I left the city late night for Kolkata I was happy with my day, very content at being where I wanted to be, sharing with friends more than just a good breakfast.