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SKULPT – Exercising Can Be Fun


SKULPT, the premium gym of Kolkata, strives to make fitness Fun, being the 360-degree solution to all your fitness requirements. As a gym, they have pioneered diverse activities in this city which are not only out of the box, but also gives each participant reason to expect something different each time. To satisfy the adventurous traits of members, SKULPT initiated in-house training for treks and other outdoor activities.

When a person thinks of a gym what comes to their mind is Treadmill, Cross Trainer, Weights. SKULPT, with its host of nouvelle training routines, is the one-stop destination for Trek Training, Aqua Workout, HIIT, Sand Tracking, Marathon Training and much more. Step-up and step-out for numerous invigorating outdoor and personalized activities to achieve your fitness goals.

Hitting the trail: Trekking is not about walking up mountains alone. People often disregard the training that goes into making the body adept to strenuous trails and endure the height. Trek training is not a choice, but a necessity − especially if one wants to enjoy the trek to its fullest. SKULPT is one of those gyms to introduce in-house training for trekking. Members are trained on a treadmill with gradual increase in inclination from 2% to 5% over 1 hour. This is increased to 4-5 hours and members train with a backpack weighing up to 5 kilos. This training is designed to build core muscle strength, stamina and endurance.

Many SKULPT patrons have scaled heights of the Everest Base Camp, Antarctica, Kilimanjaro, Leh-Ladakh, courtesy the hard-core outdoor and trekking training offered here. They have further built this program by starting gym treks with members, the first successful one being Trek to Sandakphu (situated on the border of West Bengal and Nepal).

Inhale the on-rush of fresh air during workout: SKULPT has actively promoted fitness via outdoor fitness activities, to break the monotony of indoor training. They have organized workshops for members of all age groups like the Senior Citizen Marathon Training, Zumba Workshop, Aqua Workout, Cricket Workshop for Kids and MMA classes.

Personal Training at its best: Taking the outdoor program a notch higher, SKULPT is introducing a specially curated and personalized program: the ‘Outdoor PT Program’. This program has been designed specifically keeping in mind people who cannot make it to the gym and are pressed for time. Work out in the comforts of home, where SKULPT shall send a professionally-trained personal trainer (PT) to train the member. Currently, this program is open to a niche clientele.

SKULPT has always kept training and fitness interesting for members. Be it training them to pursue their adventurous trek and scale their dream peaks, or spearheading off-beat outdoor fitness workshops, they are proactively brainstorming diverse fitness regimes to give the City of Joy anything but the usual.

Address: 57 Jawaharlal Nehru Road, 5th Floor, Kolkata - 700 071. Ph: 033 - 4071 6035/6 Email: http://www.skulpt.in/.