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Sawansukha Jewelers Adds The Kolkata Connect To The Chainsmokers’ Shows


To do the offbeat and set trends is something Sawansukha Jewelers have always excelled in, from innovative designs to doing something new.

As one of the biggest DJs in the planet, The Chainsmokers are ready to perform in Mumbai, and Delhi, Kolkata was not far behind from being a part of these phenomenal shows.

Sawansukha Jewelers, the official jewelry partners for the show added the much required Kolkata connect to the men behind hits like Closer and Don’t Let Me Down. Mr. Siddharthaa Sawansukha, CEO of Sawansukha Jewelers gifted Alex and Andrew of The Chainsmokers cufflinks and Tie Pins exclusively designed for the hit makers.

Adding some innovations to the arena of jewelry, Sawansukha Jewelers decided to break away from the age-old tradition of bridal or traditional jewelry making and ventured into setting a new trend for the jewelry houses in the country. The exclusive pieces designed for The Chainsmokers are unique and outstanding. For the CEO of this eminent jewellery house, Mr. Siddharthaa Sawansukha, it was a moment of pride to share the creativity with the DJ duos who adorned them, during the show.

About Sawansukha Jewelers

Sawansukha started their journey centuries ago in Bikaner, Rajasthan and have been in the competitive market of Kolkata for more than 50 years. The association of Sawansukha with diamond jewelry has been there since their origin. Today Sawansukha is one of the leading Indian jewelers with an award winning showroom in Central Kolkata and they are known to set trends in the field of jewelry.