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Sasha’s Boisakhi Fiesta

Hemalatha Sridhar

Sasha never disappoints, and the shop’s recent Boisakhi Fiesta heavily threw light upon this claim. The store ushered in the Bengali New Year with a magnificent collection of fresh and trendy clothing, accompanied by tasteful accessories. Sasha’s prime focus has always been sustainable fashion and upliftment of underprivileged yet extremely skilled artisans. The Boisakhi Fiesta too, was based on this belief, showcasing the work of various craftsmen and exposing their creations to the world.

The display comprised various forms of ethnic and fusion wear, and fabrics and designs. This included saris, dupattas and stoles made from the native fabric of the Rabha tribe. There were other types of saris too, such as Benarasi and those created from natural dye. Kurtas were of more sophisticated materials like silk, but also present in cotton. Available in several styles, contemporary, and even Afghani, they were genuinely eye-catching. Kantha works were also seen, along with various other handicrafts, which even included bamboo furniture.

Some of the clothing collections included Sasha’s Indigo and Malkha collections. However, the RangSutra collection was the star of the exhibition. It showcased the intricate work of the artisans of Western Rajasthan. Simple in form, design and style, it was trendy yet easy going in nature, and extremely appealing and comfortable.

Sasha, in collaboration with a certain NGO, also had on display some delectable copper jewelry adding to the splendor of the exhibition. Organic healthcare products also featured in the display.

As always, the store did not fail to deliver. Each item was very impressive and garnered instant admiration. The products are still available in the Sasha store and up for grabs. Do indulge!

Sasha, 27, Mirza Ghalib Street, (Near Kyd Street Crossing), Kolkata - 16. Ph: 033 0620835.  Web: www.sashaworld.com