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Patisserie by Franziska

Piu Sur

If you are in the Park Street area, walk into Russel Street and a short walk will bring you to Patisserie. Once you are there you have found the right place to enjoy or take back some of the choicest delights carefully made by Franziska.

Looking through and choosing what you want is very difficult. Not only are the pastries out of the world but are very decorative too making them look very artistic. Wondering what to select most pack an assorted collection. If you are too confused then the staff at the counter are very helpful and bubbly assisting you to choose an appropriate item. While you are making your selection you can also try out an éclair or cookie along with some exotic teas and special coffees.

The place is compact and just the place for a quiet quick break. In case you have too many things to order then Franziska is just a call away to give you just what your wish list has in cakes and pastries. You are sure to taste one of the best.

Maria Gomes, staff of Patisserie explains how Franziska collects fresh fruits and special ingredients to give a unique taste to each of the pastries that are served. This makes the taste so special that you come back for more. As you roll out of the parking space after office you can take back some of the best made pastries.

A combination of French and German touch you have to try the very colorful macarons coffee and dark chocolate, lavender or lemon flavors. They are just perfect. So are the éclairs that just taste so very yummy. The best is there is no fixed menu, the daily assortments you see are based on seasonal fruits available and what is on popular demand. The creations turned out by Franziska never exhaust.

This is one place you will find tarts, tea cakes, cookies with many more savoury treats coming up during the festive season. This is one destination to pack your food hampers. With the French Pressed coffee I ordered, I paired with the Blueberry Vanilla Tart and coffee éclair. The coffee served here is exclusively Blue Tokai and the tea from some of the very historical signature estates. This is what makes Patisserie so very special.

You must also try out the Vanilla Cheesecake, Classic Italian Lemon Tea Cake, Salted Caramel and Belgian Chocolate Tart, Coffee Noisette and Tropical Gateau. The day I visited there were two cookies Chocolate Chip Sea Salt Cookie and Hazelnut Praline Cookie. I packed both as a few friends were visiting. The Hazelnut Praline Cookie had 70% chocolate chips, milk chocolate chips with home-made praline paste and hazelnut chunks. Whereas the Chocolate Chip Sea Salt Cookie was made out of 54% Belgian chocolate chips, with a crispy inside chewy cookie dough with sprinkles of sea salt. Whenever you drop into the Patisserie you aree sure to discover some new European delights. This was something to look forward to as you walk in anytime between 11am to 11pm.

Address: 13C, Russel Street, Kolkata
For orders & enquiries +91 916 327 7230

Photo Credits: Piu Sur