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A Not-To-Miss Homely, Yet Gourmet Dining Experience

Tehnaz Dastoor

I have had the opportunity to have meet Sharmila Thakur on several occasions as part of the media fraternity and was pleasantly surprised to be invited to one of the best dining nouvelle cuisine experiences in the city. What we had the honor to experience were a multitude of dishes which were of varying gastronomies, blended beautifully, creating a harmonious explosion in the mouth. They quality of the cooking was lighter, thus creating more delicate dishes which utilized fresh ingredients shared with a love only Sharmila could show to her guests.

The evening began with just 3 couples and the hostess, sitting around a coffee cum dining table, in a rather large and airy south-facing sitting room, with interesting bric-a-brac, getting to know each other. As the conversation flowed, Sharmila flitted in with the appetizer comprising of Mangoes (Langra aam) mixed with spicy rice noodles − blending the sweet textures of the fruit superbly with the spicy noodles.

As the conversation continued about piracy on the high seas and the state of English theater in the city, we were served the main course which began with Prawns and Gobindobhog Rice Balls accompanied by an Amsatto Dip. Chef Sunshine, one of the guests present, raved about the well-made dish.

Then came the pièce de résistance – Smoked mutton with Burmese Black Rice with a pineapple-coconut dip! I am generally not a fan of black rice, but this was so well-prepared that I became oblivious of it with each spoonful of the smoked mutton filling my mouth. The mutton was smoky, tasty and just hit the spot!

Finally the dessert – Custard Apple Payesh (not to sweet) with a sprinkling of almonds to add to the flavor.

This was a joyous evening, meeting new people in an unknown place, trying out nouvelle cuisines and being hosted by a charming Gourmet.

If you would like to partake in these gastronomic experiences, the charge is a mere Rs. 500 per person, and what could be the downside? Meeting new people? Trying out various cuisines in a homely environment? Certainly for us it was learning a little more about these gems in the city.

If interested, please call: 9830055976 and find out about the dates for next experimental dining experience.