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A Meat-y Affair at Macazzo

Indrajit Lahiri

Recently, there has been a strange trend in Kolkata, or I am not very sure whether I am the only one getting victimized here. There have been numerous of new restaurants opening up in the city. Their decor is fantastic, service is top notch, and they are pretty steep on pocket − all fine. But whenever the food appears, it somehow falls flat. The food is extremely average and the portions are very small compared to what is being charged. So, when this friend of mine asked me for my recommendation of a new place (less than 5 years old), which serves some good non-vegetarian cuisine, I was at a loss for words. Kolkata has got a large number of good, iconic eating joints, but new places serving good non-vegetarian food? It is here that Macazzo has filled the gap.

When we arrived, the first thing that caught our eye is the queue outside. Now, I am used to long lines outside good eateries and don’t mind waiting (provided the wait is genuine, unlike certain famous restaurants in city).

The decor at Mocazzo is smart and trendy (with lots of posters decorating the walls). Now, my friends, with whom I was taken, seemed to be clear on what to order. So, quickly, some chillers and a chilly hot chocolate were ordered which were supposed to be shared by us. “Now what is chilly hot chocolate?” was the first question which came to mind. But, what came was one of the most delicious hot chocolate concoctions which I’ve ever tasted!  With a tinge of chilly and saltiness stirred in, this is one definite drink which I am looking forward to on my next visit. The Cappuccino had the required layers and was a visual pleasure.

Next was the Darjeeling Pork platter and the only word that could describe it was “gigantic”. While the portion size is huge and should not be ordered for less than 4 people, the taste is somewhat monotonous after a certain point of time. The sausage, meat loaf, salami, except the bacon − all started tasting similar and the saving grace was the garlic toasts served on the side.

Then the Nasi Goreng came to the rescue. It was hot and definitely a pleasure for the soul.

The next two dishes were the showstoppers of the day − the Pulled Pork with Fries and the Bacon with Cheese and Fries. Now, God bless the owner, who could have dreamt of these dishes. We Kolkattans love any damn thing with a good amount of cheese and some fries. And, both these dishes had them in dollops! I can hardly remember the last time that I tasted such crispy bacon which definitely deserves a visit to this place.

Inside The final dish was the pulled pork sandwich. And, thankfully, the bread used was Focaccia. So, apart from the filling (which was the same as the pulled pork dish mentioned above), the bread had a distinct taste which made all the difference.

Finally, being a bong and against all resistance from my friends, I went ahead and ordered the Brownie with Hot Chocolate and Nuts and off course, ice cream. And then realized the meaning of the phrase − “Gluttony is a sin.” We were full and yet had to finish the sinful dessert.

Overall, I must say, the food is pretty good and portion size as compared to the prices, is well worth the money. Macazzo is definitely a paradise for meat lover. My only wish was to have been able to have a chilled beer along with the food. Alas, there’s never complete happiness in life is there?

Bon appétit!!

Indrajit Lahiri is a food blogger from Kolkata and for an unedited version of his article please visit:  https://moha-mushkil.com