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Mamagoto’s New Light ’N Tasty Dumpling Menu

Tehnaz Dastoor

When I was invited by Fathma Atkar the Guest Relations Manager of Mamagoto to taste their newly introduced Dumpling Menu, I was quite excited, as all the previous experiences at this Pan-Asian restaurant have always lived up to their mark. And this time was no different.

My husband and I were welcomed warmly by Fathma who sat with us throughout the tasting and took the time to introduce the new menu with all its myriad components. She made her recommendations subtly, but never imposed anything. So we decided to order small portions and try out the entire menu bar a couple of dishes.

Lychee Rose Martini Cocktail

Fathma requested me to try out their Lychee Rose Martini which was refreshing with a dash of Vodka. After we had placed our order, we conversed about the New Menus which Mamagoto introduces every few months to keep the restaurant fresh, both, on the minds of its customers as well as on their palates. These promos generally run for a 3-month period and then they are discontinued. If a large majority of the customers show a preference for a particular dish or dishes, the management responds to their choice/s and includes these on their regular menu. Every month someone from HQ comes to the restaurant to check in on its happenings, to provide additional trainings, felicitate birthdays and conduct the mandatory monthly meetings.

Today we were trying out the New Dumpling Menu, and Kolkata was chosen as the first city in the country for this launch! Why I asked was this, and was told that because Kolkatans love their Dumpling and Dim Sum, the city was the natural choice for introducing this menu.

Now if you think that you are going to be given the usual heavy Dumplings which are thickly coated in a layer of flour with little or no filling, you are in for a rude shock! Most of these dumplings, bar one, had absolutely no flour coating at all and were instead covered with a slender glaze of pok choi.

Minced Lamb Rolls, Minced Chicken and Classic Sweetened Pork Char Sui Bun

We began with the Minced Lamb with water chestnut rolls topped with the chef’s special pepper sauce and to my surprise the taste was so well-balanced that it needed no additional hot or sweet sauces at all. The Classic Sweetened Pork Char Sui Bun was the only item on the menu which actually had a traditional ‘bun’ and yet the taste was not overburdened with the flour but instead complemented the stuffing (which comprised of sweetened roasted pork with onions), and was lightly sprinkled with an oyster sauce.

Lamb with Chili Hoisin Sauce, Sailor's Dim Sum, Park Street Vegetarian Special

This was followed by the dumpling stuffed with Minced Chicken, chopped ginger, onion, shitake mushroom, water chestnut and lotus stem. Although the pepper sauce was similar to the minced lamb, we tried it with a cherry wine condiment, which definitely enhanced the taste of the dish.

Our next course was one which my husband wanted to try out and not on the Dumpling menu but recommended by the restaurant – the Lamb with Chili Hoisin Sauce. Terrific dish, well-cooked and tender lamb with a dash of vegetables thrown in for color. This was followed by the Park Street Vegetable Special which comprised of shitake mushrooms and assorted vegetables. For vegetarians (and you will not be disappointed either), there are other dumplings too on this new menu such as Veggie Bags (mixed vegetables with chives and celery garnished with pomegranate) and the Kowloon Bun.  Finally, the meal culminated with the Sailor’s Dimsum comprising of shrimp, enoki mushroom and a hint of seaweed). What a delightful ending to a terrific food tasting.

The dumplings were light, yet full of the protein of choice, delicately garnished and seasoned and even after numerous courses, we did not return feeling heavy and bloated, nor did we miss the common staple of rice or noodles. We went home satisfied and happy as I am sure you will too once you visit Mamagoto before this special menu disappears.