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Mamagoto Introduces Its New Hawker Menu

Tehnaz Dastoor

If you ever try to go to Mamagoto’s on the spur-of-the moment, without a reservation, beware, as you may not be seated for a few hours, if at all! The place is always packed, even on week days and one of the reasons being is the constant culinary innovation by its management.  Every few months you get to taste a variety of different dishes, unseen on the current menu. And this formula has obviously worked for the Delhi-based chain − its good quality, wholesome food at pocket-friendly prices making it affordable for even high school and college kids as well as entire families wanting to share an innovative dining experience, without busting their bank accounts.

What has Mamagoto done recently? It has launched a ‘Hawker Menu’ inspired by the delicious Hawker’s carts across Thailand. On being invited to this tasting, we requested our server to provide us with their signature/most popular dishes from the current menu. And boy, were we in for a veritable treat.

We began with the Thai ‘Puckha Bites (Rs. 219). These are Puchkas stuffed with a betel leaf with peanut, onion and lime accompanied with a sweet ginger sauce and red chilis. At first bite, the taste was odd but once you bite through and get to the ginger sauce accompaniment, this appetizer is probably one of Mamagoto’s finest innovations. I highly recommend that you try this.

Next we were served the Surfer’s Lunch (Rs. 599/899) which consisted of shrimp or soft-shelled crab tempura, seasoned with coconut cream, peanuts, chili and tamarind. Now for those used to munching on deep-fried, an inch-coated Japanese Tempura batter, here is a twist. The shrimp is lightly coated with a soft yet crunchy outside and its inside is still perfectly cooked and flavorful.

We then tasted the Mekong Boat Chicken Curry which is reminiscent of most East Asian fare and was accompanied by small bird’s nest-type noodles, delicately displayed on the dish.

Finally we were served the Korean Lamb Bulgogi (Rs. 599) which had lamb strips marinated with pear and spring onion, wok-tossed and served with a side salad. My companions, all loved this dish and gave it a big thumb’s up as did I, however, for me the pièce de résistance would have to be the Puchka Bites!

All-in-all a terrific and innovative meal, stylishly presented, with very attentive service! I would highly recommend you go and try it your for yourself and I am sure that you will return with a huge smile and satiated belly.