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After winning accolades for films like Anuranan, Antaheen, and Bunohaansh, award winning film producer Neha Rungta is now scripting a different success story. Over a pot of Darjeeling tea on a rain washed afternoon, we sit by the Dhakuria lakes as she tells me about her unusual journey.

“Over the last fourteen years as a film maker, I got the opportunity to travel extensively, meeting people; seeing new places. This is also how I discovered and cultivated my passion for photography,” says Neha. She also explains that she’s always had a penchant for art, though she is not trained to be an artiste herself. It is this penchant coupled with a passion for the aesthetic that gave birth to her start up, ‘Kopai Paar’ last year.

An entirely online store, Kopai Paar celebrates indigenous Indian handicraft which is sustainable, environment friendly and has been designed and curated by gifted artisans. Neha collaborates with a clutch of master craftsmen, fusing their talent with her design and sensibility to produce unique bric-a-brac such as rugs, ceramic ware, scarves, mats, baskets, coasters and other decorative items. Her scarves have traveled all the way to Miami and her Madur Kathi rugs and mats that are made in Medinipur, Bengal, continue to be a best seller. There are also water-reed baskets from Manipur, an entire tribal collection of weaves from Gujarat and up cycled fabrics from Madhya Pradesh. Prices range typically from Rs.900 to Rs. 5000.

But why the name Kopai Paar, I ask her. “We were trying to come up with an appropriate name and this one happened almost serendipitously. Kopai is a river in Shantiniketan, a place I’m fond of and continue to visit repeatedly. We have also filmed there extensively. The word ‘paar’ or across got added to it over an unassuming chat and suddenly Kopai Paar was born. It sounded perfect and we decided to stick with it!”

Promoting fair pricing for the artisans, Neha is also diligently shooting her craftsmen at work and someday wants to put together a documentary that will showcase the marvelous time-tested tradition and in turn bring honor to their mastery.

Though Kopai Paar does not have a physical store, it does exhibit every now and then. Meanwhile, you can always shop online at www.kopaipaar.com