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Jodhpur: The Perfect Flavor Of Tradition

Divyanshi Bhansali

Memories are said to remain forever but the places of their happening definitely do not. When I look down memory lane and think of what the city of Jodhpur was like fifteen years ago, the image that comes to my mind is of narrow streets crowded beyond limits. Yet, when I look at the interiors of the city now, it’s all just the same. The city spreading around the Mehrangar Fort is an array of houses clad in blue paint, thus giving the city its name, the Blue City. Though the exterior of the city is what has expanded beyond limits but what is commendable is that the traditional touch of the city has still remained.

If you are willing to be swooned with the deeply-rooted exotic tradition of Rajasthan, Jodhpur is the perfect holiday destination for you. As for all the food- lovers who are looking for authentic ‘Marwari food’, there is absolutely no need for any second thought. Also, this Sun City being located at the center of the state makes it a favorable and convenient spot for all those visiting Rajasthan. Ranging from the spicy ‘mirchi bada’ and ‘pyaaz ki kachori’, to the sweet ‘jodhpuri gulab jamun’, ‘mawe ki barfi’, and ‘malpua’, the list of delicacies unique to Jodhpur seems to be endless.

Also, Jodhpur isn’t a place where you will shop till you drop, but it is with no doubt the seat of traditional shopping. You can visit ‘Sarafa Bazaar’ to buy ‘Chunderi sarees’ or silver jewelry and utensil or you can go to ‘Sosti Gate’ to get ‘Lehriya and Chunderi’ sarees. With the ‘aao sa’, ‘padharo sa, the shopkeepers and the shops will for sure tantalize the shopper within you.

Yet, what define the tradition of a city are its places of visit. Jodhpur with its rich heritage will never leave a visitor disappointed. If you decide to experience the typical Bollywood movie scenario as of those in ‘Paheli’, the kunds such as ‘Ranisar’ and ‘Padamsar’ are the places for you. For those who want an eye-appealing and all-astounding experience, ‘Umaid Bhawan’ (a world heritage site), ‘Kalyana’ Lake and ‘Jaswant Thada’ are what you should be visiting. For those who are yearning for a taste of religion, the paramount places of worship include ‘Mataji ka Quila’ and ‘Panchmukhi Balaji’.

If traditional is the experience you are longing for, without a second thought, you can be sure that this is the place for you.