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The Gateway Resort, Damdama Lake

Ipsita Ganguli

How does it feel to wake up to vast stretches of verdant greens with the cawing and cooing of a hundred different birds?

A large tamarind tree stands in front of the verandah, its branches offering a calming shade.

And you do nothing, but sit in silence with a hot cup of Earl Grey tea, soaking in that beauty of an early morning, a rare morning of quiet, setting aside the clutter of mobile phones, laptops and the thousand gadgets that connect you to the constant virtual mirage we live in.

A weekend at The Gateway Resort, Damdama Lake, may be worth the while just to connect back to the sights and sounds that is perhaps most important to plug on to, and to something that we constantly neglect in our busyness of everyday bustle.

This sprawling resort is barely a 45 minutes drive away from Corporate Gurgaon and yet it presents a rejuvenating slice of urban rural natural beauty.

Speckled with 2-storied villas, made of brick amidst huge greens, the interiors and landscaping by Rajeev Agarwal is like a breath of fresh air. The sculptures made by Gopal Nam Joshi are of various animals which are life size and dot the landscape, are made from metal scrap. A series of flying birds in metal are suspended mid-air, life size and beautiful and in the mellow evening light you can almost feel yourself flying free.

Beautiful applique work tapestries sourced by Dastakar for the walls of the lobby and the rooms. The rooms are large warm and gives an effect of comfortable space. Luxurious and yet very subtle. But what really takes your heart away are the smiles and the warmth of every staff member.

The extremely amiable helpful attitude, they are there and go every extra way to make you feel pampered and cared for.

This is a resort which stands out.

Understated elegance celebrating nature.

Like a gulp of fresh breath in the pollution of chaos that has become our lives these days.

The Gate Resort, Damdama Lake, Gurgaon