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Garden Café Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary

Tehnaz Dastoor

There couldn’t be a more wonderful way to celebrate Mahalaya with friends than meeting up for an Adda and High Tea, and what turned out to be a wholesome vegetarian meal, cooked to perfection, at the Garden Café’s Hazra Branch. This is a modern, spiffy and well-designed, air- conditioned version of the Alipore Café which is located besides the petrol pump. There is curbside parking and the restaurant is located on a first floor walk-up.

This South Indian Café is celebrating its 50th year in Kolkata and is still a favorite among many.

Once we were all seated, we quenched our thirst by ordering their Espresso Coffee, Tea and American Ice Cream Soda (which I was told was very refreshing). We then turned our attention to the more innovative snacks and tried what appeared to be fresh fries but in fact was a very tasty and crunchy Finger Fried Idly dish with a dash of chaat masala added on the top to spice it up.  We moved onto a Masala Vada which looked like a Bhajiya (a kind of fritter) but in fact was an innovative twist to the Vada. We followed this up with a beautifully cooked dahi vada, served in cold yogurt and garnished with the mandatory spices.

Then we progressed to the main course which consisted of a Mushroom Cheese Pizza and a variety of different Dosas (which we all shared together) such as the Cheese Chili Paper Plain, a Topi and a Plain Dosa. Each dosa was a delight to the taste buds but my Cheese Chili Paper Plain Dosa was a hands-down favorite!

I would highly recommend that your visit the restaurant if in the Hazra Area for a quick snack or meal which may turn into a long and familiar chat with friends and relatives over the festive season.

Address: 9 Nafar Kundu Road, Hazra (Opp. the Paramount Nursing Home), Kolkata - 700026

Ph: 91 9874611107.  Hours:  1 pm − 10 pm.