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A Fun-Filled Cake Mixing Ceremony At The Oberoi Grand Kolkata


Sumit Joshi, the GM of the Oberoi Grand Kolkata together with his wife Banoo, hosted a number of the city’s prominent ladies and their children at the hotel’s annual Cake Mixing Ceremony.

The Gharana was decorated in a Christmas-like spirit with a large table in the center of the room filled with dried fruits, behind which were stacks of liquor bottles.

The fun-filled evening began with the ladies meeting up with each other and chatting about the season’s events.

Everyone then donning their aprons and gloves and began pouring in large quantities of alcohol onto the dried fruits. And then the crazy mixing ceremony began. Even the children got into the act and soon everyone was enjoying themselves thoroughly moving the dried fruits from one end of the table to the other and running their fingers through it to ensure that the alcohol had completely soaked the fruits.

Following this the guests were treated to a delicious High Tea, efficiently organized by the hotel staff, which was enjoyed by all including a number of ‘hotel guests’ from Portugal, who also got into the act.