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Fashion Revolution Week

Hemalatha Sridhar

Sasha, in collaboration with Weavers and Designers expressed a greater need for transparency and sustainability in fashion by celebrating Fashion Revolution Week from April 23rd to 29th. The entire week was devoted to awakening the public about how urgent a necessity environmentally stable and sustainable fashion is to the world, along with educating them on the rights of artisans and laborers, and how they must be respected and treated with dignity.

The Sasha Store on Mirza Ghalib Street saw a series of informative presentations and panel discussions for the seven days, telling the story of how the Fashion Revolution began as a movement after the collapse of the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh due to an excess of production of clothing in 2013.

On the 28th, such a presentation along with an interactive session and fashion show took place.

The girls of the Shantirani Rainbow Home, an orphanage for rescued children, were the models for the fashion show, embodying the progressive nature and spirit of the event. The show happened in two segments the first presenting trendy clothing by Weavers and Designers, and the second showcasing Sasha’s fashion forward ensembles.

The show was accompanied by a breath-taking dance performance by one of the young associates of the Weavers and Designers team, brightening the atmosphere of the gathering further.

The interactive session was based on an intriguing concept and named ‘Love Letter to Your Favorite Piece of Clothing’. Here, participation from the audience was invited as affectionate letters were written by people to their most dear items of clothing. The activity helped to highlight the ideology that clothing has more meaning than mere articles that one uses to cover themselves- clothes are laced with memories and sentiments, therefore fashion too should be a product of love and tenderness rather than commercialism. Thus, once again, the idea for transparency, sustainability and fairness in fashion is evoked.

The event was extremely successful, guiding everyone to consider making better choices about their purchases by educating them of the essence of sustainable and environmentally safe fashion. The Fashion Revolution week, hence, was not just a celebration of clothing, but of a vision.

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