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Decoding Luxe is a first-of-its-kind book on luxury brands, exploring their various facets. The book has been written by Mahul Brahma who is a luxury commentator and columnist, and also heads corporate communications and branding for mjunction.

 Luxury used to be a niche market only afforded to maharajas and royalty, but today, with its democratization, it is attainable to a larger sub-section of the population.  As the realms of luxury and affordability fuse with common people, this book takes a strategic, behavioral, historical, and experiential look at what constitutes luxe or dazzle.

It is a bible for all stakeholders of luxury brands – owner, custodian, retailer, connoisseur as well as student – helping them understand and formulate, with a historical perspective, an effective strategy for conceiving, positioning, placing, promoting and pricing these luxury products. The book takes you on a quest through dreams, aspirations, contradictions, myths and realities that shroud this very mysterious element called luxury.