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Couture King Sabyasachi Continues To Innovate

Rita Bhimani

By the re-opening of the Kolkata Flagship store on the 6th of October was, expectedly another notch in the upward graph of Sabyasachi Mukherjee.  Couturist for the classy, a true thinker amongst designers, an innovator of all things that spell the Luxe life—from designing for national and international stars, to creating couture for movies, from curating gourmet events, to grandiose Fashion Week superscapes where his imagination runs riot, Sabyasachi spells opulence.

And that is what stood out as the happening women of the city piled into the lush interiors, by special invitation, from Sabyasachi and Indrani Dasgupta back in svelte modelling mode. She hosted it with panache, while Sabya delighted in showing a new aspect of his creativity—his magnificently crafted jewelry.

The invitation to the swish set had been dramatic—a signature Sabyasachi bag filled with red roses, a book of Rumi’s poetry, his personal favourite, an exclusive hand- painted scarf designed by him and posh, fine textured chocolates, from Royce in Venezuelan Bitter and Ghana Sweet flavours.

The sumptuous interiors have become more luxuriant. Where his lines of women’s wear and menswear too stood out for their intense detailing, their classic Sabya lines and cuts retained their stunning classic style.

The champagne and exclusively done canapés gave the additional gloss to the evening, as orders poured in, as did accolades.