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Clutches By Orange Saco

Hemalatha Sridhar

Jennifer Dutta and Smeetha Guha’s brand, Orange Saco, graced the Taj Bengal with its charm on the 2nd of August. Specializing in clutches of every kind, the eye-catching collection was a treat to the eyes.

The types of decorative purses were displayed in six distinct categories − the color collection, the festive collection, the gold collection, the Dhakai collection, the black and white collection, and finally, the denim collection. It is evident that the wide range of clutches aimed to target women of every age group. The elegance of the color, festive and gold collections appealed to all, especially a more mature female customer base, while the funky denim, and trendy black and white collection captivated the younger group. The nostalgic Dhakai collection represented everything Bengal, vibrant in hues and authentic in prints. The founders say that this collection has a ‘distressed finish’ which is based on the ideology that every product has a flaw, which in turn makes it perfect. All clutches were meticulously hand-crafted by skilled weavers. The knobs of the clasps were steeped in creativity too, made of variant materials, and containing a variety of designs, both simplistic and intricate. Each purse has the brand’s trademark orange fabric as the inner layer, differing in material according to the type of clutch.

Apart from their dazzling forms, the two thoughtful creators also took into account several problems women have with their purses, and corrected them in their creations. Utility was prioritized over everything, leading to roomy purses and clutch chains that do not get tangled with hair or fabric. Orange Saco successfully links creativity and innovation with practicality, each product bringing with it immense delight and value.