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Clothing Designer Sasya’s Women of Substance Saree Draping Event


Nilanjana Chakraborty on behalf of Sasya’s Priyanka Agarwal organized a terrific event on October 12th where the city’s Women of Substance gathered at Sasya and were pampered for the afternoon. Hair and make-up specialists were invited and iconoclastic stylist Srishti Nadhani draped all the lovely ladies keeping their comfort level, style quotient and color preferences in mind.

Following hair and make-up, all the excited ladies were given different drapes to experiment with such as lungi saris, three-quarter saris, half saris and saris which could be worn over a pair of jeans, skirts or tights. Saris − with exquisite capes and boob tubes underneath, with long chiffon and georgette-embroidered sheer coats, saris draped over jackets etc. And the accompanying jewelry helped adorn each outfit to perfection.

A number of ladies had never met the others and it was their first interaction with some of the legendary stars in their fields! The shy and retreating Archer Dola Banerjee, Arjuna Awardee and Olympian interacted with chess master Saheli Baruah.

Beauty experts June Tomkyns and daughter Priscilla looked every bit the glamorous duo bedecked in their saris. Other notables present included actress Jaya Seal Ghosh, India TVs Manogya Loiwal, educationist and model Jessica Gomes, budding model Saachi Bhansal and stylists and blogger Srishti Nadhani.

Travel and Life-style Editor and Event Specialist Tehnaz Dastoor of wotweb.com too got into the swing of things with Nilanjana Chakraborty, the Chair of the All Ladies League Kolkata Chapter, jewelry designer and spiritualist. Artist Sanjeeta Ahmed, Techno India’s Director Manasi Roy Chowdhury and Bandhan Bank’s co-founder and First Lady Nilima Ghosh complimented the evening’s gathering.

Adding the glam-quotient were Idea Cellular’s Tanuja Chowdhury, Chef Sunshine who has just come up with an excellent gift hamper with delicious snacks and danseuse Paramita Saha. Management consultant and sari blogger Kasturi Roy Bhowdhury and engineer Indrani Verma rounded off the star-studded evening.

Following all the fun and games, Priyanka introduced the Queen of the Sari Drapes and expert who has featured in the Limca and Guiness Book of Records (for her art of sari draping) Ms. Dolly Jain, to the group of enthusiastic women. Dolly spoke about her yearning to do ‘something with saris’ from an early age and how today she has been able to harness this into a growing business where she drapes all the top movie actresses including fashionistas Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor. She enlightened the audience with the minutest of details including the string used to type the petticoat, drapes for a slimming look, sexy outlines and managing the carry off any fabric of saris.

The evening concluded on a great note - with a delicious High Tea.