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Celebrate This Valentine’s Day With Beautiful Bags By At 85 Lansdowne


Love is in the air and Fenasia by Minnie Juneja is all set to launch its brand on Valentine’s Day with the 'Bag Affair'. Come and explore the classic, yet elegant collection of handcrafted leather handbags with cutting-edge designs, appealing to all fashion enthusiasts. The collections are supremely contemporary, edgy with styles and colors every woman will fall in love with.

Every bag is a beautiful work of art, eternally classic and suitable for any occasion. Gear up for an afternoon of fun and entertainment carefully curated just for you, where you can either Create Your Own Bag or you could select from the Monogrammed Bag Collection, Black Magic Collection and Opulent Bag collections. So, what are you waiting for? Come spend this day of love with Fenasia by Minnie Juneja along with Actress Rituparna Sengupta, Tollywood Filmstar Subhasree Ganguly and Model Saachi Bhasin! Date: Wednesday, 14th February 2018 Time: 12 noon Venue: 85 Lansdowne, (Sarat Bose Rd, Kolkata - 700026) About Minnie Juneja: Lending her signature touch of timeless and controlled opulence to her collection of handbags is Minnie Juneja, which is definitely a mirror to her aesthetic sensibility. Her decorative and low key color palette brings together the old and the new while her infatuation with ornate embellished pieces and love for gilded insignia dominate her collection. The collection is contemporary and fashion forward, with luxurious leather fittings and monochrome nudes juxtaposed with various kinds of leather which are the highlights of her collection. Minnie’s styles denote that “Ladies of society have always been keepers of fine taste”.