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ABID Interiors 2018 Is A Must-Visit


When I wandered into ABID Interiors, I had one thing in mind. I was keen to know more about the décor trends that are in vogue in 2018. And also, because I was going for a revamp, I was definitely searching for inspirations. With a modest budget, I was unsure whether there would be something which would match my pocket and requirements simultaneously.

But things looked promising. You can actually have a high-end looking home without breaking the bank.

Going beyond the zone of contemporary, I was definitely looking for something unique for my furniture requirements.

Although I had heard about distressed furniture before, I actually got the opportunity to witness how one can style a room very differently with unique distressed pieces. The stall of Decorage & Associates had quite a few enthusiast onlookers like me. Vintage and classic, this is going to be the style of tomorrow. I have already made up my mind on one particular piece and I will definitely l be going back again for more inspirational elements.

My home always had standard lighting fixtures which are extremely repetitive and boring. Forget the standard chandelier; I was stunned that LED lights could be so elegant.  Svarochi's lighting solutions are probably the best ones I have seen in recent times. One interesting tip: it is good to have several light sources in one room. And there should be a blend of both floor and table lamps throughout your home which helps to make your roomsmore spacious and beautiful.

Another myth busted at the Decofur stall: elegant furniture cannot be affordable. And it is always better to invest in a solid couch rather than those rickety chairs. And if you thought that accessorizing your home was difficult, take some hints from Decofur and Bharat Marble. Both have a pretty extensive collection which is perfect for people like me who are thinking of a total makeover. The best thing about these brands is that you can actually customize some of their products, which is a blessing for a picky person like me.

The Stellar stall had beautifully created corners of monochromes, solids, indigoes and mixed prints. As they also create furniture pieces, one can actually order the entire set with matching curtains and blinds and covers according to one’s taste and can tie in all the pieces beautifully.

Budget can take a toss if you decide to visit the stall of Mirania Luxury Living. Boasting of the only Stanley Boutique in Kolkata, this place deserves a bit of splurge. And I seriously do not mind this considering that their sofas and recliners are the best the city has to offer. Lifestyle fashion takes a new high and I was completely floored by the beautiful stall decorations.

The crowd at ABID Interiors seems to be pretty engrossed with the different installations which have been done with precision. And I was armed with a bagful of ideas which will be implemented in my home pretty soon. I must say, that ABID had truly lived up to the idea: "your imagination, our creation."