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A Weekend To A Forest From Kolkata

by Arup Chanda

When we heard Bongaon we were scared! It is known to be close to Indo-Bangladesh border and infamous from crime. My friend Parveen and I decided to take the chance and ...

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Baguran Jalpai - A Serene And Unexplored Beach On The Bay Of Bengal

by Nayan Basu

If you are a beach lover, living in West Bengal, and a beach destination is on the top of your mind, and looking for options beyond the popular choices (of Digha, M...

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In The Himalayas − A Home Of Comfort And Love To Elderly And Kids With Nowhere To Go

by Jael Silliman

The room that seven-year-old Sonam Chomzom and nine-year-old Losung share with several other girls at the Jamgön Kongt`rul III Memorial Home in Kalimpong is filled wit...

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Bon Voyage!

by Anisha Pal

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” Since exploration is the essence of human spirit, it is important to be operational while traveling. To that end, B...

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Heritage − Of The People, By The People, For The People

by Ipsita Ganguli

It is heartwarming to see Bengal waking up to its Heritage worth. Conscious citizens have taken it upon themselves to find a voice. Awareness is an integral part of this consciousness and the city ...

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Destination Mirik

by Amrita Daityari

A sleepy town, surrounded by majestic mountain peaks, emerald meadows, lovely orchards, picturesque lake and a quant monastery… No, it is not a sliver of Switzerland but Mirik in Bengal. Ok, the ...

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The Historical Hooghly Imambara

by Ritusmita Biswas

This summer if you are planning to visit London and see the Big Ben we have a better option for you. You can simply take a trip to Hooghly and visit the Imambara to see the second largest watch in ...

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Tram Tales

by Anisha Pal

Amit Chaudhuri in his book entitled ‘A Strange and Sublime Address’ notes that: “Calcutta is like a work of modern art that neither makes sense nor has utility, but exists for some esoteric a...

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Must Visit Places In Kolkata

by WOT

From Calcutta to Kolkata.... or is it the Bengali’s Kolkata to the anglophiles’ Calcutta, as named by the British. The old struggles with the new h...

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by Rajen Bali

Bandel (43 kms): The main attractions here are the Church of our Lady of Bandel and the Monastery. This is the oldest Portuguese church in this part of the world. Bande...

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Danish Serampore

by GM Kapur

Serampore is many centuries old. Its roots can be traced back to the Mughal Era. During the Mughal period, settle...

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5 Must Visit Museums In Kolkata

by WOT

Kolkata is considered to be the land of museums, in fact, the first museum in the country was established here. Scattered across the city there are several muse...

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